Cavett Cooper

About Cavett

As CEO of Cooper May, Cavett is resolved in guiding his clients and colleagues in the areas of investments, stewardship and generosity. He finds fulfillment in asking meaningful questions, sharing impactful stories and integrating clients’ values into their planning and investments.

Like most local residents, Cavett moved to Huntsville mid-career; and has enjoyed serving clients here since 2011. Cavett benefited from a 7-year mentor/mentee relationship with Harry Pearson. During that time, they collaborated on what is now OneAscent’s Values-Based Investing approach.

Cavett graduated with honors, from Pepperdine University in 1999. Immediately following, he pursued and obtained an MBA from Lipscomb University, with a double-concentration in Leadership Development and Not-for-Profit organizations. After a few short years in the diverse careers of life coaching and medical imaging SW sales, he found himself in the financial advice field; with a strong passion to encourage friends towards intentionality, gratitude, and stewardship. Since beginning his financial planning career, Cavett has earned the following designations: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM (CFP®) and Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA®).

Cavett is married to Megan and they have 4 children: Wyatt, Wynslow, Webber, and Elsie. Cavett is passionate about investing his time, talent and treasure with ministries who find winsome ways to share the beautiful story of grace and truth in Jesus Christ. He also enjoys SEC football and good BBQ.

About OneAscent

OneAscent is an investment company that walks the extra mile with our advisors and investors. We work with a variety of investment managers to provide clients with a personalized investment mix founded on their values. OneAscent has partnered with financial institutions and fund management teams to bring profitable and ethical investments to clients like you.

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