Connor May

About Connor

Born and raised in Huntsville Alabama, Connor went to Randolph HS, then graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Family Business. He then worked for OneAscent as an advisor before co-founding Cooper May alongside Cavett Cooper.

Connor has always had a passion for people and business. He combined those two passions by partnering with Cavett to start Cooper May. As President, Connor serves families from diverse backgrounds, by helping them plan not only for their financial lives, but also how to leave a lasting impact on this temporary world.

Outside the work of Cooper May, Connor’s passion for business and investing continues. He’s also co-owner of Anytime Fitness Jones Valley. Connor is involved in many Huntsville ministries including JH Outback and Huntsville Inner City Learning Center.

About OneAscent

OneAscent is an investment company that walks the extra mile with our advisors and investors. We work with a variety of investment managers to provide clients with a personalized investment mix founded on their values. OneAscent has partnered with financial institutions and fund management teams to bring profitable and ethical investments to clients like you.

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